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(In Black Hawk's Footsteps)"provides the Black Hawk War enthusiast with directions and an overview to many known and lesser-known sites of interest in Illinois and Wisconsin. Historical overviews provide both a context and an appreciation for the history that was made in 1832. The text is well-written and refreshingly balanced. Overall, an interesting and important work. I am confident that persons interested in the Black Hawk War will have In Black Hawk's Footsteps as their travel companion for years to come."

Robert Braun, Old Lead Region Historical Society


"McLaughlin offers a well-written narrative on the life and times of American Indians in Illinois and Wisconsin. The book will be of special interest to people living in those states, but the larger themes addressed have national and international implications. The author presents his story in a clear, concise, and balanced style. His text is written on a level enjoyable to the general reader. People who plan to travel through this region of America will find the book invaluable as a trail guide to historic sites. Following the book will lead families on a fascinating adventure. Not only is the book fun to read, it will open your eyes to see the world with greater cultural sensitivity."

Gregory Schaaf, Ph.D., former historian for the Fox (Mesquakie) tribe


"McLaughlin writes, 'In Black Hawk's Footsteps is intended to give a sense of place' to the history of the Black Hawk War. Noted historian, Tom Woods writes that, 'A strong sense of place can lead to more sensitive stewardship of our cultural history and natural environment.' In Black Hawk's Footsteps ignites the imagination into action and encourages the reader to seek out their sense of place in northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wisconsin. McLaughlin takes the reader back in time with his use of direct quotes and wonderful illustrations. The brief description of each event and place keep the pace of the book fast and encourage the reader to skip ahead to see what happens next. The maps and locations of sites are clearly marked. This book is a comprehensive guide to the trials and tribulations and actual locations of the Black Hawk War. McLaughlin presents a factual and compelling story to the reader of all aspects of the war, presenting both sides in a truthful and compassionate manner. This book is long overdue and will be greatly appreciated by anyone hoping to find their 'sense of place' in Illinois and Wisconsin history."

Susan Gordy, Site Superintendent, Apple River Fort State Historic Site


"The first portion of the book is a fair and balanced overview of Native American and white relations back to the days of very early exploration and settlement in the Old Northwest and Rock River area of Illinois. McLaughlin does an excellent job of gathering historical information on the conflict, and brings that information together seemlessly, to give a fluid account of the Black Hawk War as it connects to the War of 1812 and the many incidents and political intrigue that caused Black Hawk to reenter Illinois, only to find a firestorm awaiting him. I highly recommend this book; it's better than many of the books that I have read on the subject."

Gene Stevens, Co-founder, Black Hawk War Society


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